In Memory Of

Below are family member that are no longer with us in the physical body, but will remain in my heart forever.

The first picture is my father, proceeded by my mother that raised me (with her mother and grandmother). The third is a picture of my birth mother, this pictures was taken on the very first time we met. (Nov 1999)

The rest of the pictures and dates are in the order of the year they passed.

Daniel Joseph Killmer SrĀ  1925 – 1996

1925 - 1996

From Left to Right
Grandma (Cora) Conklin 1874-1970
Dorothy Mae Huff 1928-1999
Grandma (Lillian) Huff 1893-1973

Helen Mary Lafferty – 1923-2009

Daniel Joseph Killmer Jr 1950-1979

Alice (Nana) Francis McCarthy 1905-1988

Debra Ann Killmer 1956 – 2008

Debra Ann Killmer 1956 – 2008
Janet Mawhinney 1966-2009

Donna Marie Killmer 1949-2009

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